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Teaching your dog to Come when called is the most important thing he needs to learn

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2021

If there was only one thing I could teach my dogs, without doubt, it would be to Come when called.   Always, everywhere, each and every time, immediately and quickly.  Not only this will create4 a super relationship for you and your best friend and open the gateway to lots of fun times and games to play ,most importantly the well trained recall can save lives and potentially thousands of dollars.  

Most common situations are your dog can storm out the front door and chase a jogger, and nip bite or push her.  This is a potential law suite on your hands and a bad situation for your beloved dog.  And for lots of breeds, this wouldn't even be their fault , they would simply follow their true instincts to protect their front lawn from by passers and to chase prey.

What can be even worse is your dog can get lost and roam the streets, or get into a dog fight and either cause bad damage to an innocent dog or cat to get hurt himself.  Then there is unfortunate...

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How training provides a peace of mind and more freedom for you and your dog

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2021

it is a very special feeling to be able to share life moments with your family and be able to bring your dog along! 

Your dog too can become a well behaved reliable companion where you can enjoy the beach, the hiking, going out for dinner outdoors, or coming to the towns or cities with you. Yes, even in the hotels or crowded campgrounds with other dogs near . My dog Bravo and myself  travel the country for workshops and competitions and my dogs are a part of my daily life.  Isn't it why we all got our dogs in the first place??

Dog's life is short, why not include your best friend into your special moments!

Of course we will take care and fix all the issues and problems your troublemaker causes now, believe me, most dogs usually don't mean to give you a hard time, they just need to be shown a better way! The way is THRU PROFESSIONAL TRAINING with our Boarding School Program...

The most rewarding part for me in pet dog training is...

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How to interview a dog trainer

So you need some help and decided to hire a professional Long Island dog trainer...

Did you know that there is no licensing or educational requirements for "professional dog trainers".  This means literally anyone can become a dog trainer, sometimes by just completing an online course or attending a school and learning some theory.  Nothing compares to experience of working with multiple dogs of different breeds and sizes and figuring out how to solve different behavioral issues.  Not just once or twice but for years with hundreds or thousands of dogs. 

When interviewing trainers, ask the right questions.  What training methods and theories are they comfortable with, and what tools have they actually used in practice with what success rate, and especially how well it will work for your type of dog.  What is their success rate, how long have they been doing it, how many dogs have they trained. Each dog is different and most want to be...

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How crate training your puppy will help with housebreaking

One of the most common issues I help new dog owners solve is housebreaking. Crate training is the simplest solution with lifelong benefits for dogs.

Here are some facts about crate training:

1. A crate is not a “cage” or “jail” or “punishment” for a puppy. When properly introduced to it it’s actually quite the opposite. Wild dogs and wolves in nature have puppies in their dens. It’s a closed-in small place with not too much light. Just like a crate! Before puppies can walk well they learn to crawl away from where they sleep to go potty. The mother gently pushes them away to do their business. This is the main idea of why crate training helps with housebreaking! A healthy puppy naturally will not soil where he sleeps or eats. Your job becomes easy to take her out and let her potty. Just please remember to be fair and consistent and go in short intervals!
2. Crates provide safety. Just like you would’ve leave a toddler to roam...

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Why it's important to exercise your dog mentally and physically

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2021

 Just like humans, dogs need both physical and mental stimulation and enrichment to prevent behavioral issues such as boredom, depression and eating disorders.

In addition, many breeds and mixes are working, sporting or herding breeds where it’s in their genetic make up to work and to have a purpose.

Most dogs on Long Island are house pets spending time indoors and in the backyards with occasional walks and that is not always enough...We love our best friends and provide what we feel is the best life for them in our human view but we must remember that they are dogs and have the needs to satisfy them or else behavior problems will develop.

Most dogs love their humans and really enjoy interactive games with them.

A good old game of fetch will not only give a cardio work out but when done well will also solidify the “drop it” command and most importantly will strengthen the special connection between you and your four legged buddy.

Another great activity is...

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Babying your dog VS Being a pack leader

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2020
“My dog doesn’t listen to me, because I’m too soft with him”.
“My vet told me that a Malinois needs a firm hand”.
“He sleeps in my bed. I know, I shouldn’t baby him like this”
“I can’t be harsh with him, so he does whatever he wants”
“I know, I have to dominate him to calm him down”.
These are authentic quotes from some of our clients struggling with their disobedient dogs. Such conversations always make me wonder how people perceive the way to get a well-behaved companion and make me realize the extent of misconceptions about babying the dogs.
Do you know, why your dog is disobedient? I do, although I don’t know him. It is as simple, as it gets: most probably your dog doesn’t understand what you want. Now,...
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