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Babying your dog VS Being a pack leader

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2020
“My dog doesn’t listen to me, because I’m too soft with him”.
“My vet told me that a Malinois needs a firm hand”.
“He sleeps in my bed. I know, I shouldn’t baby him like this”
“I can’t be harsh with him, so he does whatever he wants”
“I know, I have to dominate him to calm him down”.
These are authentic quotes from some of our clients struggling with their disobedient dogs. Such conversations always make me wonder how people perceive the way to get a well-behaved companion and make me realize the extent of misconceptions about babying the dogs.
Do you know, why your dog is disobedient? I do, although I don’t know him. It is as simple, as it gets: most probably your dog doesn’t understand what you want. Now,...
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