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How crate training your puppy will help with housebreaking

One of the most common issues I help new dog owners solve is housebreaking. Crate training is the simplest solution with lifelong benefits for dogs.

Here are some facts about crate training:

1. A crate is not a “cage” or “jail” or “punishment” for a puppy. When properly introduced to it it’s actually quite the opposite. Wild dogs and wolves in nature have puppies in their dens. It’s a closed-in small place with not too much light. Just like a crate! Before puppies can walk well they learn to crawl away from where they sleep to go potty. The mother gently pushes them away to do their business. This is the main idea of why crate training helps with housebreaking! A healthy puppy naturally will not soil where he sleeps or eats. Your job becomes easy to take her out and let her potty. Just please remember to be fair and consistent and go in short intervals!
2. Crates provide safety. Just like you would’ve leave a toddler to roam...

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