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You have the advantage of working with a trainer who competes with her own dog. Olga knows about aggression, natural drives and impulse control. The difference between a competitor and just a pet trainer of dogs is the connection and depth of a relationship between the trainer and the dog without food, toys or leashes... Often your dog's distractive behavior, leash reactivity or aggression are the product of misunderstanding and lack of impulse control and inability to constructively channel. 

Working dogs have strong instincts, tons of energy and are high strong.  It takes skill and knowledge and a balanced approach to work with them and to channel them for amazing results.  Most local trainers are only using the reward based training, which is only one of the many aspects of balanced training tools Olga has in her arsenal for each dog.

Olga Baram has been fascinated by dog training since she is 5!!!  This makes it decades of learning and studying and always challenging herself to get even better.  She owned and trained a poodle mix, a Rough Collie, 3 Belgian Sheepdogs and is now competing with her young Belgian Malinois.

Olga's passion about dogs made her sponge and soak anything and everything she could come across.  Including AKC Conformation, Competitive Obedience and Agility.

She has been involved in IGP (Schutzhund) since 1995. It is a highly demanding complex and competitive working dog sport involving 3 disciplines at once - Tracking, Obedience and Protection.  All being judged on the relationship of the handler and the dog team. It requires  precise performance on the dog's part in high state of arousal while being in total control of the handler.  This sport brings out the best in the dogs and challenges the handlers to always evolve as trainers. It is addictive and fun!!!

Olga never stops learning and bettering her skills.  She is currently preparing to compete at the National competition this to hopefully qualify to represent USA next year at the World Championship with her young Belgian Malinois Bravo. 

She has been attending lots of seminars and trains with top trainers in the USA and Europe. She is one of the very few local trainers who compete in protection sports on a high level.

Olga is the only CCAS (Certified Canine Athlete Specialist) on Long Island at this time. She is an expert in Canine Fitness. She successfully combines the physical and mental wellness from fitness with  her training programs. This helps take training to another level enhancing confidence, helping the dogs learn how to relax and overcome fears while engaging their bodies and minds and learning to avoid injuries when running and playing.

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Watch the real lessons

Clips of our students DURING learning. These are done on Day 3, Day 7, Day 10 and Day 16. They have different faces and we worked on different issues, but one thing is always in common - THEY ALL HAVE CLEAR RULES AND THEY LIKE IT. Watch out for all the wagging tails😊!


Let's Train Your Dog!!!

Behavior Problems Solving + Obedience Training + Puppy Foundations + Socialization and Confidence Building + Sport Training



1. We use MOTIVATION by tapping into your dog's natural drives. After all, this is how most learning and hunger for more human interaction happens.  And this is how a fun and loving relationship develops between you and your dog!

2. We will teach you how to use clear and consistent COMMUNICATION with your dog to stop the unwanted behaviors and set boundaries.  You and your dog will speak the same language and get on the same page!

3. ACCOUNTABILITY will produce consistent and reliable results for years and will transfer over from training commands to the overall manners and attitude of your dog. We will show you how  to hold your dog accountable without causing conflict in the relationship with you being clear, fair and consistent in your dog's mind.

4. We promote WELLNESS from within thru nutrition, fitness and training. Over the years we learned that lots of behavioral problems vanish by themselves with proper exercise and maintenance.  A tired dog is a good dog, and we will show you how to incorporate canine fitness into your busy life with just 15 minutes of simple and fun games at home.


Let's Train Your Dog!

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