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Covid-19 has has made it difficult to leave our homes and meet with a trainer, however your dog still needs  training and you still need help from a professional! 

Doggie Campus offers different programs, to accommodate the needs of your dog and your living situation during these times. 

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VIP In-House Accelerated Training

This is our most popular program. Your dog will train with our Long Island dog trainers one on one and live in my home! This intimate interaction provides 24/7 training. There are daily play sessions, and fitness sessions can be included. Since this is very involved, we  can only take a couple of students at a time, so it gets booked very quickly.  Try to allow sometime when planning and book in advance please.

Your dog will learn how to communicate and interact with me and later you. This is the base for solid training that lasts. The one-on-one between me and your dog will accelerate the process so that once he or she already understands it, we can focus on teaching you how to take over and make it work. The length of the program is usually 2-4 weeks and will be determined when we evaluate your dog.  This is the most efficient program with best results for Advanced Obedience!

You dog will:

  • walk politely on leash
  • politely greet people
  • come when called
  • know how to sit
  • know how to down
  • go to his place and stay there
  • know how to stay
  • not storm through the doors
  • have impulse control
  • understand No or Stop it
  • be able to understand how you communicate with him/her so you your relationship can flourish while you  continue teaching him more over the years

We will address other behavioral issues or problems during this time as well if there are any.  

We strictly follow the CDC Guidelines and social isolation and disinfection.  You will be instructed on details prior to arrival.

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Refreshers and Tune-ups

while Boarding

Available to our past and existing students.  Many past clients like this option as a refreshment course while they are on vacation. Day Care option is available as well.

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Sport Training

You don't have to aim for National Championships to get your dog involved in Dog sports.  There are so many sports on different levels that any dog can participate in! it develops a truly special bond and a relationship and gives the dog a purpose.  It will make your dog want to interact with you for fun and never find you boring! And it may become your new hobby or obsession :)...

Lesson packages are available for:

  • Sport puppy foundations
  • Dock Diving
  • Agility
  • Competitive Obedience
  • Tracking
  • IGP/Schutzhund Tracking and Obedience
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Conditioning and Fitness

Olga Baram is a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist who believes in the wholesome approach to well being and to dog training. Wellness promotes a healthy body and mind!

Think of this program as your dog's personal trainer in the gym PLUS it will build confidence, help overcome fears, make your dog a more relaxed happier and healthier pet for longer.  It also teaches them how to avoid injuries when chasing the ball or romping in the yard. This will do wonders for your rescue dog to help him or her adjust to your family!

Puppies and Senior dogs can benefit too, we have age appropriate fitness programs for them.

We will get your Sport dog into his best condition and design a program to maintain his peak condition for the trials with Sport specific conditioning.

We employ the benefits of fitness to enhance our in-house training.  All dogs in our care get the fitness work out in our gym.

Our goal is to teach you how to maintain your friends's healthy lifestyle with exercise which can be done in small spaces indoors, for 10-15 minutes a couple of times per week.  And it is fun and your dog will love it!

Board and Train and Lesson packages are available, including distant learning. 

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Advantages of Online Dog Training lessons

Online (or over the phone) coaching and consultations are available for distant learning.  They include video reviews and feedback.

Whenever possible, I recommend a combination of board and train and continue virtually with occasional face to face check-ins once the pandemic is over.  They are a great option for social distancing.


So these lessons are NOT an online manual or lesson by lesson pre-set course making you study and then try the one size fits all approach on your dog on your own.  These lessons are the opposite - we will be going over short videos you make of your dog without distractions or visitors, and I will be giving you real solutions.  Step by step, lesson by lesson, based on feedback from you and your dog, i will be giving you my expertise specifically for your dog.

1. No stress or distractions from outside sources until you and your dog are better prepared.

2. Private one-on-one sessions to focus on you and your dog will help us pay attention to every detail, discover all the pain points, and create a game plan best suited for your team.

3. Save travel costs and travel time

4. Train on your own time and go at your own pace

5. Flexibility with video conferencing/phone calls to accommodate scheduling

6. The ability to pause, rewind and watch in slow motion and analyze your training session for complete understanding

7. Trouble shooting and accomplishment reports will help you stay on track and schedule

8. Life skills of developing self-accountability in training and better relationship and communication with your best buddy for training and fitness for years to come

9. Custom program based on defining and setting your personal goals

10. Selection of training tools and  methods to achieve your goals

11. Useful videos, charts or articles right at our fingertips when needed

12. Optional Download of the video conferencing sessions for you to keep for reference so you can always go back to it in case you missed or forgot something during the lesson

13. Video review with follow up email support.

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Here is what we can do for you and your dog online or as a combo with the Board and Train Programs

Dog Fitness Foundations


  • This online membership consists of simple exercises designed for you and your dog to have fun with, improver your relationship while also providing your best friend with physical and mental exercise right in your living room
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Training Lessons Packages

If you would like to learn how to train your own dog and have the time and dedication, this is for you! We will get together and evaluate your dog and your goals as well as knowledge and abilities, then we will create a training plan. Each lesson you will get a homework assignment to work on till you are ready to schedule the next lesson which can be the same week or in a month.  It will depend on you and your dog!

The Private lessons can be done in person at Doggie Campus, over the phone or online using Skype, or as combination of both.

This Program works well for Puppy Development, Fitness, Basic and Advanced Obedience or Sport Training. We can start from scratch or continue towards your advanced goals after completion of in-house training.

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Puppy Foundations for everyday life, Canine Good Citizen and Sport

They are precious little fur bundles of work! Lots and lots of work! We certainly encourage you to get involved in your new puppy’s training as early as possible. This avoids creating any bad habits from the start.  This program is an investment for your future.

We start as early as 10 weeks.  Early imprinting lays solid foundation for later obedience training.  Our puppy camp includes socialization (yes even with the stay at home there are ways to prepare your puppy for his future by simulating many things he/she will have to face in real life) the puppies daily outings to different places for socialization as well as age appropriate puppy fitness foundation for confidence building.  

The Play and Train puppy program will ensure you are bonding with your puppy while you are both learning how to communicate and avoid mistakes and problems.

Sport puppies will get the necessary foundations for the disciplines in a sport of your choice with age appropriate introduction to foundation for the sport specific conditioning.

This lesson package can be a combination of in person, and a puppy group as well as online.

Also available as Board and Train for Sport puppies, call Olga to discuss

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Housebreaking Clinic

Here is the truth about housebreaking problems - no trainer has the magic wand to fix it.  It requires CONSISTENCY AT HOME, in your house, with you!!!!  We won't be coming to your house weekly charging you travel fees and lessons, week after week.  If you want training, we will gladly help you, but we won't watch you waste your money on housebreaking visits...
Instead, we will evaluate your dog's history, your lifestyle and the issues.  Then we will schedule a time for a phone call or a video conference.  We will come up with a clear and detailed plan for you to execute.  This will bring results!!!!
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Play and Train Day Care

If you just can't seem to let your dog go and want him home at night and on the weekends, this is for you! This is NOT a Doggie Day Care.  This is the VIP one-on-one accelerated training without overnights! It works the same way as the VIP boarding school, but you will bring your dog here during the week for the full immersion training. Then on the weekend (or Friday nights) we will be teaching you how to work on what your dog learned during the week.  Your dog will not be home alone, will get a jump start in training and fitness while you are at work!

You dog will:

  • walk politely on leash
  • politely greet people
  • come when called
  • know how to sit
  • know how to down
  • go to his place and stay there

This is also a great option for puppies as well as for dogs who completed basic training and are ready for the next level of Advanced Obedience or Sport Training. Of course we will discuss the curriculum and duration based on your goals!

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