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How training provides a peace of mind and more freedom for you and your dog

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2021

it is a very special feeling to be able to share life moments with your family and be able to bring your dog along! 

Your dog too can become a well behaved reliable companion where you can enjoy the beach, the hiking, going out for dinner outdoors, or coming to the towns or cities with you. Yes, even in the hotels or crowded campgrounds with other dogs near 😉. My dog Bravo and myself  travel the country for workshops and competitions and my dogs are a part of my daily life.  Isn't it why we all got our dogs in the first place??

Dog's life is short, why not include your best friend into your special moments!

Of course we will take care and fix all the issues and problems your troublemaker causes now😛, believe me, most dogs usually don't mean to give you a hard time, they just need to be shown a better way! The way is THRU PROFESSIONAL TRAINING with our Boarding School Program...

The most rewarding part for me in pet dog training is making your dogs' lives better by teaching them to behave and showing you how to manage them, because this makes it years of adventures, fun and memories ahead❤️...  I  love working with people who are dedicated to making their bond with their dogs stronger thru a relationship. And this is a lifetime investment (for a dog's short time being with us), and is so well worth it!!!!  Just ask the owners of my graduates, we have a ton of references of course😊


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