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Why it's important to exercise your dog mentally and physically

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2021

 Just like humans, dogs need both physical and mental stimulation and enrichment to prevent behavioral issues such as boredom, depression and eating disorders.

In addition, many breeds and mixes are working, sporting or herding breeds where it’s in their genetic make up to work and to have a purpose.

Most dogs on Long Island are house pets spending time indoors and in the backyards with occasional walks and that is not always enough...We love our best friends and provide what we feel is the best life for them in our human view but we must remember that they are dogs and have the needs to satisfy them or else behavior problems will develop.

Most dogs love their humans and really enjoy interactive games with them.

A good old game of fetch will not only give a cardio work out but when done well will also solidify the “drop it” command and most importantly will strengthen the special connection between you and your four legged buddy.

Another great activity is swimming or hiking down together while incorporating basic obedience commands during breaks.

Best mental work out for dogs is practicing obedience commands they learn in training. When dog trainers say “a good dog is a tired dog”, we mean a properly trained and exercised companion who is a pleasure to have around and bring places.


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