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A 100% Obedience

A 100% Manners

A 100% Balanced Approach

A 100% Clear to the Dog

A 100% Happy Rewarding Relationship with your Best Friend

LIFETIME support for longer and healthier and more fun filled life for your dog!

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The greatest gift you can give your dog is to be a part of the family...

Imagine your dog being reliable off leash. Even with other dogs or squirrels around! Going anywhere and everywhere with you... Coming every single time when called...Having manners at home when company comes. Being a family member. Staying healthy and fit...Sharing a bond and a connection with you that goes stronger over time and brings joy!

Long Island Dog Trainer Olga Baram at Doggie Campus will turn your misbehaving dog into a well mannered companion.

Our dog obedience training will help your rescue adjust into a well rounded family member.

Our Long Island puppy training experts offer proved puppy foundations and dog training programs will guide you every step of the way for a lifetime!

Each dog is individual and deserves a personal approach with respect, clarity, consistency and understanding... Long Island Dog Training experts at Doggie Campus will create a program with balanced training methods specifically for your dog.  There is no one cookie cutter program or system. Our experienced, professional dog training taps into your dog's natural instincts, drives and personality, and how fast or slow his or her learning curve is. We enhance it with the overall well-being thru canine fitness, and physical and mental stimulation as part of the training...Your dog will love it!

Olga and D&C's Bravo IGP 3 at the 2019 USRC Nationals

Olga is an experienced professional dedicated and passionate dog trainer, and the only woman on Long Island who competes with her own dog Bravo on the National level in the sport of IGP involving 3 phases of Tracking, Obedience and Protection


Our Popular Programs

We are evolving with the situation as needed, and at this time are still taking clients for the following programs:

VIP Accelerated Learning Boarding School-OPEN with CDC PROTOCOL COMPLIANCE

Boarding School for your dog without the stress of being in the kennel. Intense immersion lifestyle programs in the home of the master trainer will give your dog a head-start to become a well-trained dog!

This is one-on-one 24/7 with the trainer's focus on your dog in our home.


Specialized Dayschool or Tune-up while Boarding

Similar to the Boarding school, this is day school while you are at work during the day. This program also offers master trainer's personal focus on your dog every single day.

Great options for your dog to brush up on his training skills and fine tune fitness. 

Works best for dogs with basic training or puppy programs

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Personal Coaching for you and your dog

If you want to learn how to train your own dog, have patience, and are ready to invest some time into the process, this is for you! Best for puppies, obedience  or sport training, without major behavior problems. Together with your dog, you will learn how to progress to your goals.

This is a combo of private lessons outdoors and simple homework video reviews


Puppy Foundations - LESSONS PACKAGES

It's never too early to start off the right foot! We have programs for puppies starting at 10 weeks to lay the proper foundation, learn basic skills and interactions with the world while bonding with their humans. 

Early development skills are a must for your sport prospect puppy!


Canine Fitness - ONLINE COACHING

A canine fitness program will keep your dog healthy, and prevent many behavioral problems. It builds confidence and provides fun physical and mental stimulation. As a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, I incorporate wellness coaching with training for sound results for a longer and healthier life for your dog.


Sport Training

IGP Obedience and Tracking lessons 

Handler Help

Sport Specific Conditioning

Puppy Foundations.

Puppy raising in our home occasionally available (8 weeks - 6 months)

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