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Teaching your dog to Come when called is the most important thing he needs to learn

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2021

If there was only one thing I could teach my dogs, without doubt, it would be to Come when called.   Always, everywhere, each and every time, immediately and quickly.  Not only this will create4 a super relationship for you and your best friend and open the gateway to lots of fun times and games to play ,most importantly the well trained recall can save lives and potentially thousands of dollars.  

Most common situations are your dog can storm out the front door and chase a jogger, and nip bite or push her.  This is a potential law suite on your hands and a bad situation for your beloved dog.  And for lots of breeds, this wouldn't even be their fault , they would simply follow their true instincts to protect their front lawn from by passers and to chase prey.

What can be even worse is your dog can get lost and roam the streets, or get into a dog fight and either cause bad damage to an innocent dog or cat to get hurt himself.  Then there is unfortunate is your dog getting hit by a car.

It is important to teach your puppy to love coming to you for treats and to think of a recall as a fun command, and then it is crucial to teach him or her to always come no matter what, even when he is busy with something else, or when she sees much more interesting things than you, and even when you have no treats.  You owe it to your dog!

Here at Doggie Campus, we teach every one of our students to always come when called reliably.


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